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Lydia McClain

Vocal Empowerment Coach and Breathwork Facilitator devoted to helping you Activate your Light, Liberate your Voice, and fully Embody your Truth.   

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All Offerings are designed to help you Tune into your Body, Activate your Light, and Let your Authentic Voice be Heard. 

What Clients are Saying


"Lydia's breath work session was absolutely incredible.  Everyone has a song to sing.  Find your voice and let yourself be heard.  Lydia held space for me beyond the room we were breathing in - I felt she held space for me to safely travel to the cosmos and back.  The music, the powerful breath, and Lydia’s supportive encouragement made for a soul journey experience!"

Natalie Wheeler 

co-founder of VASU Yoga 


“Lydia is a gifted healer and tremendous holder of space. My virtual session with her was transformational!  I came out of it with clarity and with some major insights about my path. I’m so grateful to have been held in that loving, safe energy.”

Chelley Canales
Energy Worker, Speaker, Writer 


Doing this work has become an essential part of my life not only for my own wellness and expansion but for the clarity it brings me in my business and relationships as well. I literally feel that everyone would benefit from the support Lydia offers!  I am so thankful to have found this angel!

Alyssa Love 
Women's Empowerment Coach 

Virtual Breathwork Circles 

Breathwork Circles  are a beautiful and empowering way to receive healing and connection through building community.  Emotionally and physically detox the body in a group healing circle of Breathwork, guided meditation, and gentle movement. Inhale, Exhale, and Release what's no longer serving you and be supported by the group energy.

PRivate Virtual Healing Sessions + Mentorship

Dive deep into your healing with Private Breathwork as you are held in a safe, loving container to gently explore and release what's no longer serving you.  Through therapeutic conversation, a guided Breathwork journey, and inquiry we tap into what’s presently holding you back, keeping you stuck, and out of alignment and flow.  Inhale, exhale, and release in a judgment-free, neutral space.  

Spiritual Growth & Sisterhood

OptiMystic Wellness is a virtual collaborative and sisterhood devoted to making the world a better place through radical love - for self, the planet, and one another.  

Founded by a group of women searching for community, OMW is built on a foundation of optimism, mysticism, health, and wellbeing.  Join us as we dive deep every month into Astrology, Breathwork, Meditation, Community, and other Magic every Moon Cycle.

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