My name is Lydia 

and I'm here to hold space for your expansion.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and live a life of Authentic Self-Expression. All of my offerings are designed for your expansion whether through Breath, Movement, or Song.  Together, we'll help you live a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

For years I chased perfection full-time. 

I was on a never-ending quest to have the perfect voice, perfect job, perfect body, perfect relationship, and the perfect life.

But what no one knew was that behind the illusion of perfection, I was miserable. 

I wasn't eating.  I wasn't sleeping.  Every moment of every day was spent over practicing, over exercising, over achieving, and over working.

I appeared  confident on the outside, but on the inside I was a mess.

"I was in constant fear of never being enough and starving myself to gain control over my life."

I loved the art of singing and the idea of being a singer.

I'd been singing my whole life and everyone told me it was what I was meant to do.  It was easy for me and made me feel special, seen, and heard.  I began identifying myself as "a singer" and let all other parts of my voice go un-nurtured.

When I sang, people listened.  But deep down, I knew that something was "off."

My wake up call came in a doctor’s office in graduate school when I realized that if I continued down this path of overworking and starving myself, I’d end up dead. I had a choice to make. Was I going to leave school and lose my scholarship to go to a treatment center, OR learn how to nurture my body and let go of my workaholic perfectionism?

Faced with this choice I made a decision to surrender the quest for perfection, lovingly embrace my flaws, celebrate my uniqueness, and find my AUTHENTIC voice, beyond singing.

I realized that for years I'd been holding my breath.  

During difficult conversations, around meals, while trying on clothes or taking pics; my whole body would become constricted and it was harder and harder to hear my voice: that inner guidance system I had ignored for so many years in pursuit of a perfect life.   That voice that kept telling me to slow down, to listen to my body, and stop trying to control everything.  That voice that knew all she needed to be happy was to breathe and let it all go. 

So, I got my hands on every recovery book I could find, did all the exercises, filled countless journals, started meditating and praying, began doing yoga, got an amazing therapist and a nutritionist, attended support groups,  and slowly but surely - I recovered.   

The ironic thing was as I gained weight and began working less, I somehow felt lighter and gained something unexpected in return - Self-Love. 

I began to consciously take deeper breaths and stopped struggling to fit in size 0 skinny jeans.  In fact, I stopped wearing clothes that restricted my breathing and noticed my body and my life began to flow.

Not long after I discovered BREATHWORK on a women's empowerment retreat and my life was forever changed.

As a singer I've always had a close relationship to the breath, but I'd never explored the healing capacity of the breath.  

Through this self-healing practice, I learned to connect mind, body, and spirit and Let Go of old emotions and thought patterns that no longer served me.

I discovered an unlimited supply of creative inspiration and guidance and started making decisions from the heart. 

I cleaned up my relationship with my body, breath, and voice, and started teaching others how they can do the same.

Let's WorkTogether 

All of my offerings are designed to help you Open your Heart, Liberate Your Voice, and Embody Your Truth. 

What Clients are Saying


I left my breathwork session with Lydia feeling lighter and more connected to myself and my body. As a singer, it felt incredible to reconnect with my breath and use my voice again. Lydia is a natural healer and her energy made me feel safe, accepted, and free."

Molly Rabuffo  

Soprano and Songwriter 


You need to experience breathwork with Lydia to truly understand how amazing it is! I felt beyond incredible during & days after my session with her.  Lydia has created a judgment-free, safe space for healing and I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience breath healing with her.”

 Nadia Matar 
Writer, Actress, and Model 


Lydia has helped me become so much more confident and courageous and taught me to embrace my authentic voice (singing or otherwise) and use it to change the world-- for all this, I cannot thank her enough."

Devin Hoffman 

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