What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is an active form of guided meditation that utilizes dynamic breath, essential oils, and music to release stuck energy in the body.  This nourishing practice helps safely release emotions to physically and emotionally detox the body.  This self-healing practice leaves you feeling lighter, relaxed, and refreshed. 

The practice is a two-part inhale followed by an exhale, all done while lying down comfortably on a mat.  I'll guide you through the experience, offering gentle grounding touch, words of encouragement, and emotional support.  The active breath is followed by a passive resting state to drop into deep relaxation. 

I offer individual, partner, and group sessions as well as events for festivals and corporate wellness.  More information available below.  

My name is Lydia and I'm not here to heal you.  I'm here to hold space for you to heal yourself. 

Self-Care is super trendy in today's world.  You needn't look far to be marketed the quickest way to live your healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most fabulous life. 

I'm not here to sell you a magical system, strategy, or secret path to living a happy life.  

I'm here to remind you that you aren't broken and don't need to be fixed. 

I'm here to remind you that everything you desire is already within you

I'm here to help you awaken and activate your body's most precious natural resource...

you guessed it, your BREATH. 

How we workTogether

I offer Virtual Workshops, Private Healing Sessions, and 1:1 Mentorship.


Breathwork Circles  are a beautiful and empowering way to receive healing and connection while building community.  Emotionally and physically detox the body in a group healing circle of Breathwork, guided meditation, and gentle movement. Inhale, Exhale, and Release what's no longer serving you and be supported by the group energy.

All Circles are currently offered Virtually via Zoom. 


Dive deep into your personal healing with a customized, Private Breathwork Journey.  Through therapeutic conversation, guided meditation, and inquiry we tap into what’s presently holding you back, keeping you stuck, and out of alignment and flow.  Inhale, exhale, and release in a judgment-free, neutral space.  

Each session comes with a private, customized playlist and a follow-up email with suggested guidance.   Sessions are currently offered Virtually via Zoom.*  As Breathwork is a self-healing practice, it lends itself beautifully to Virtual Healing in the comfort of your own home.  

*I'm currently offering a limited amount of outdoor in-person sessions this Fall, weather permitting.  All in-person sessions are held in Simsbury, CT.* 

Adults and teens welcome.  No previous experience required.  

$222 - Single 90-min session

$777 - Package of 5 healing sessions*

I'm currently offering 4 healing sessions a month at a 50% discount to anyone experiencing financial hardship for whatever reason.  Limit 1 session per person/per month.  

*Please note all packages expire after 6 months of purchase.*

Looking for More Support?

You don't have to do it alone.  I offer a 3-month 1:1 Mentorship Program for those seeking support in the following: 

Vocal Empowerment Coaching

Intuitive Guidance + Creative Counseling 

Mentorship for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Body Image + Recovery Counseling 

Mentorship is a hybrid of therapeutic conversation, meditation, and breathwork, and is customized to the specific needs of the client.  

Is Mentorship is right for you?



I had never tried breathwork before, but Lydia's passion and heart provided a safe space for me to explore my fears and limiting beliefs.  After a session, I felt dissolved of grief and inspired, lighter, and like a weight was lifted.  Breathwork is a personal development tool for everyone.  Show up as you are, in a loving environment of support and guidance.  Thank you, Lydia!

Anastasia R. 


Breathwork with Lydia is unique from anything I have ever done.  I felt myself feeling light afterwards, like I had a new sense of clarity and a shift of energy.  Lydia is so open and attentive to her clients, and it is truly a necessity of hers to create a comfortable and safe space for everyone.

Jane K.


Through her help, I lifted something off my heart energy that had been weighing me down for over a year, and I feel freer after as a result, and I can't begin to say how much I needed that but didn't know I did. She was there with me, comforting me and guiding me through every unknown step of the way. I would highly recommend working with Lydia!

Emily T. 

My name is Lydia McClain

I'm a Vocal Empowerment Coach and Breathwork Facilitator dedicated to helping you Open Your Heart, Liberate Your Voice, and Live a Life of Authentic Expression.  For years I struggled with anxiety and perfectionism until I learned how to tap into my body's natural ability to heal itself.  Click below to read more about healing journey. 

Ready to Try Breathwork?

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