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Breathwork Circles are powerful way to receive healing, stimulate creativity, and connection in a group setting.  Bring this heart opening practice to your next wellness or workplace event, retreat, home, or festival.  Lydia offers both in-person and virtual healing circles and is available to travel. 

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I very much enjoyed your workshop with Kelvin Young last night.  It was an incredible alchemy of breath and sound and the energy I experienced in and through my body was deep and strong.   My intention of gratitude was deeply felt.  I was moved by the others in our group, both in their raw and open sharing and vulnerability.   It is a testament to your ability to create that sacred space where we all felt a trusting sense of community and allow us to express from our vulnerable places.   It is a rare skill and essence— that along with your breath work knowledge will serve you well.  Thank you!

Matt D. 

I have participated in multiple breathwork classes and private sessions with Lydia and could highly recommend this experience to anyone!  Lydia is able to create a safe, nurturing environment that allows each person the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience.  The feeling of connection is powerful as is the individual, personal response.  Lydia has a gift and she shares her gift and talents in her Breathwork teachings.  Treat yourself to this!  You won’t regret it.

Carol C.


My first and definitely not my last breathing workshop was amazing to say the least. Connecting with Lydia and others is the room was a very powerful and enlightening moment for me.  I was unaware of what I had stored up inside and through the workshop was able to let it go.  A kind heart and gentle soul, Lydia's techniques were very helpful for me to clear some space inside myself. My advice is to have an open mind, open heart, and let her help you with your self care. The best time one can give to themselves. Thank you, Lydia.

John R.

Breathwork has been so healing and heart opening.  Lydia’s breathwork was angelic and left me so grounded.  I was able to release so much! Here comes the sun!

Sara S. 


The evening was set with an atmosphere of freedom. Free to be and express yourself. The music, dim lights, and guided meditation led a pathway to emotions tucked deep inside.  You opened the path for the emotions to come out.  And they came out.  Your coaching and support, your encouragement and suggestive guidance made it possible to allow pain to leave the body.  My first thought toward the end was WOW.  I was amazed that I could experience an emotional opening allowing my feelings to be felt and released.  You did a fantastic job leading, guiding, and encouraging us through the process. I trusted you from the moment I met you.  I never doubted you would provide an experience that led to healing.  Thank you.

Jim M.