BREATHWORK for Renewal
4/7 : 4:30-6:30PM

Avon, CT

Cleanse, Refresh, and Renew your Mind, Body, and Soul with a 2-hour Breathwork Circle for Renewal.

@ The Complete Actor Studio in Avon, CT

Exchange $33 


4/14 : 11-1PM


Majestic Sunday Brunch is a collaborative collective gathering of some of central CT's best healing vibes.  Join us for Breathwork, Yoga, and Sound Healing with a live DJ and Brunch!  

@Tainted Inc. in Hartford, CT 

Exchange $20 - event
$30 event + brunch

4/26: 7-9pm 
hartford, CT

Join Breathwork Facilitator Lydia McClain and Sound Healer Kelvin Young in an intimate 2-hour healing experience designed to open the heart, calm the mind, and drop deep into the body.  

@ Tainted Inc. in Hartford, CT 

Exchange $40

BREATHWORK for creative Expression
**Rescheduled to**
SUN 4/28: 6pm
South Portland, ME

What creations are you birthing into the world? Cleanse the Mind, Body, and Soul for a Clear Connection to Source Energy to Co-Create with the Universe. 

@ Tula Studio in South Portland, ME. 

Exchange $33-in advance $35-at the door


Breathwork Circles are powerful way to receive healing, stimulate creativity, and connection in a group setting.  Bring this heart opening practice to your next wellness or workplace event, retreat, home, or festival.  Lydia offers both in-person and virtual healing circles and is available to travel. 

Contact Lydia for more information, availability, and rates.

"My first and definitely not my last breathing workshop was amazing to say the least. Connecting with Lydia and others is the room was a very powerful and enlightening moment for me.  I was unaware of what I had stored up inside and through the workshop was able to let it go.  A kind heart and gentle soul, Lydia's techniques were very helpful for me to clear some space inside myself. My advice is to have an open mind, open heart, and let her help you with your self care. The best time one can give to themselves.  Thank you Lydia."  

-John Riera 

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"Breathing with Lydia has been an incredible journey. I noticed since my very first class, how much more deeply and readily I can breathe from my diaphragm.  When I catch myself being overly anxious, stressed or holding my breath, I find I can tap into my newfound breath and feel centered and grounded more quickly.  So grateful for this healing practice."

-Evelyn Silva