Client Testimonials


I have been doing regular breathwork sessions with Lydia for the past few months and it has helped me to expand in so many areas of my life!  Every session with her is like a journey into the depths of my being, stirring up any unconscious blocks and helping me to release anxiety and stress. It feels like coming home to my true essence.  I have done breathwork many times before and personally I can feel vulnerable and raw but with Lydia I feel so safe and held.

She is the most amazing guide and holds such safe space with her gentle voice guiding you to release deeper and uncover more.  She creates an EXPERIENCE in every session from the way she sets intentions to the music to the way she guides the breath. I experience instant expansion, freedom and clarity from each session.  Doing this work has become an essential part of my life not only for my own wellness and expansion but for the clarity it brings me in my business and relationships as well.  I literally feel that everyone would benefit from the support Lydia offers! I am so thankful to have found this angel!

Alyssa Love - Women's Empowerment Coach

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Lydia's breathwork session was absolutely incredible. Her space was so cozy and inviting, and for 75 minutes, I forgot about the outside world. We started with setting an intention and some beautiful aromatherapy. Once we began the breath work together, I slipped into another world. Lydia held space for me beyond the room we were breathing in- I felt she held space for me to safely travel to the cosmos and back. The music, the powerful pranayma, the burning of holy herbs, and Lydia’s supportive encouragement made for a soul journey experience!

Natalie WheelerCo-Founder of VASU Tribe Yoga

What an amazing positively powerful breathwork session I had today with Lydia; her energy is so incredible and there’s an immediate sense of calm upon entering her neat space; creates an environment of peace and ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and I feel energized, calm, relaxed, and uplifted. Thank you Lydia for sharing your incredible talent & gifts! Blessings to you!

Gina Goldstein - Reiki Master


You need to experience breathwork with Lydia to truly understand how amazing it is! I felt beyond incredible during & days after my session with her. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and even just one session helped me tremendously. Lydia is so present and genuine. She has a natural ability for connecting with people and guiding them through a breathing session.  Breathwork can lift various emotions to the surface but I absolutely felt safe, comfortable, and relaxed the entire time. Lydia has created a judgment-free, safe space for healing and I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience breath healing with her.

Nadia Matar - Writer/Actress/Model

Breathwork with Lydia is unique from anything I have ever done. I felt myself feeling light afterwards, like I had a new sense of clarity and a shift of energy. Lydia is so open and attentive to her clients, and it is truly a necessity of hers to create a comfortable and safe space for everyone. Thank you for continuing to help me find focus and motivation within myself. I can’t wait for my next session!

Jane Krantz- Yoga Instructor and Professional Dancer


Working with Lydia was an incredible, powerful experience. I had no idea what I was getting into-- I'm a Reiki Master & energy worker myself but had never heard of Angelic Breath Healing before! She explained it fully, and made me feel completely safe and comfortable beforehand. The result I had no idea if anything would come up, and boy did it. Through her help, I lifted something off my heart energy that had been weighing me down for over a year, and I feel freer after as a result, and I can't begin to say how much I needed that but didn't know I did. She was there with me, comforting me and guiding me through every unknown step of this. I would highly recommend working with Lydia! She has a true gift for this, and the most comforting presence you'll ever meet.

Emily Thorner - Reiki Master, Soprano, and Founder of Moon-Rising

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From the moment Lydia said hello, to the second she said goodbye, an authentic connection was formed. As the breathwork began and hot tears, dredged up from the darkest of places, streamed down my cheeks, she held Space for me, she Saw me, she Heard me, she Honored my emotions, my Spirit, my existence. To feel so vulnerable, so raw, so foreign in my own body… and to be fully Supported throughout the entire process… is, almost unexplainable.  As sensations arose and colors were felt, I spoke fears into existence that had never left the confines of my mind, or my heart, and Lydia spoke them back to me. I was hearing, in real time, the parts of mySelf I had yet to meet.

No one said healing would be easy, or linear, or quick. But, to have someone like Lydia in my corner is a true honor… a gift from Source, divinely timed.

Chelsea Fritzon 

I left my breathwork session with Lydia feeling lighter and more connected to myself and my body. As a singer, it felt incredible to reconnect with my breath and use my voice again. Lydia is a natural healer and her energy made me feel safe, accepted, and free.

Molly Rabuffo - Singer/Songwriter


Lydia is a gifted healer and tremendous holder of space. My session with her was transformational!  I came out of it with clarity and with some major insights about my path. I’m so grateful to have been held in that loving, safe energy.

Chelley Canales - Speaker, Writer, and Performing Artist

My first breathwork session with Lydia was healing & eye-opening. Lydia made me feel extremely comfortable before we started our session & she helped me to stay relaxed during our session so I could take full advantage of the experience. I was able to gain both clarity with an issue & an idea for something I wanted to create.

Brandy Wilson- Founder of The Self-Love Challenge


Lydia is an angel. She holds strong, sturdy, loving space for whatever you show up with. The healing I received in my first and second sessions were different, each based on where I was in my healing journey. The first session I needed to release, in which I left feeling lighter, like a weight was lifted. In my second session with Lydia, I wanted to receive light and love, with her guidance. I left feeling excited and inspired! Lydia understands and embraces fluid change.

Again, her guidance throughout each session is protective and nurturing. I’m excited to see what shows up for my next visit. Learning different modalities of healing is a wonderful experience, and I absolutely suggest allowing Lydia and her breathwork to guide your journey and break up stagnant, stored energy, and receive the love from this healing tool.

Anastasia Rossitto- Director of Service at VASU Tribe Yoga

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My session with Lydia was more than I ever expected.  I had done breathwork in groups before, but never in a one-on-one session.  As a beginner, Lydia did an excellent job of explaining the entire process to me before we got started.  She made sure that I was comfortable and had time to ask any questions before our formal session began. 

The session proved to be an important release for me that I didn't even realize that I needed, but intuitively I know it was exactly the right time to let go of some things that I had been holding onto for security in order to move forward on my path.  I would HIGHLY recommend a Virtual Breath Healing session with Lydia, whether you are new to breath work, or are doing ongoing work on yourself.  She was kind, friendly and professional, and overall brought great energy to the session, in addition to a spot-on playlist that plays in the background during the work.  She also sent notes from our virtual session afterward so that I would have documentation of what came up in our session.  I would definitely do this exercise with her again.

Missy Cline

I’m very lucky to have Lydia by my side in the college journey and in all other aspects. I have grown so much regarding my musical ability, and I have gotten so much more passionate for music/arts (specifically, musical theatre). I’m so happy to have her as my vocal coach and it pains me to realize that I’ll only have her for one more year.  I had no idea what my potential was until she began teaching me. I am so much more confident in everything I do, and I can’t wait to have her again next year!

Mariela D'Alessandro 


Lydia has not only been an amazing teacher, but a mentor.  She understands the pressures of high school, and has helped me manage it all by teaching me how to be less of a perfectionist.  She also shown me several breathing exercises and walked me through them if I came into a lesson anxious about something.  None of this was included in a the job description, but this shows the kind of person that she is, and I can't thank her enough.

Lydia now is going very far out of her way to help me start teaching lessons myself.  I am so grateful to have Lydia as my teacher and look forward to many more years learning music from her. Thank you!"

Keeley Flaherty

Not only has Lydia helped me find my singing voice, but she has also helped me find my own voice in life.  She takes everything that she teaches in her lesson and applies it to how it can enhance my life in general: singing breaths turn into calming meditations; proper singing posture turns into a confident first impression; and exploring emotions in the music turns into being open about my own emotions in everyday life.  I am lucky enough to have trained with a voice teacher who has added value to my life, regardless of whether I become a professional singer in the future. Lydia has helped me become so much more confident and courageous and taught me to embrace my authentic voice (singing or otherwise) and use it to change the world-- for all this, I cannot thank her enough."

Devin Hoffman

How we work Together


  •   Virtual and In-Person Breathwork Circles.  Circles are offered Virtually via Zoom and In-Person across the country. 
  •  Private Virtual and In-Person Breathwork Session.  Sessions are offered Virtually via Zoom or In-person in CT
  •  1:1 Mentorship.  A 3-month mentorship program for those looking to deepen their healing journey (Virtual/In-Person)


  •   Private Voice Lessons.  Offered In-Person in Simsbury, CT. 
  •   1:1 Vocal Empowerment.  Sessions offered Virtually or In-Person in Simsbury, CT. 
  •  College Counseling.  For prospective musical theater and vocal performance majors offered In-Person in Simsbury, CT.

Not sure what's right for you?  Contact Lydia for more information.