with Lydia

Everyone has a song to sing.  Let yourself be heard. 

My mission is to empower others with tools to joyfully and confidently express themselves through music. 

No two voices are alike and I encourage my students to embrace their individuality. I’m vested in guiding each of my students to express all parts of their voice by providing a safe space to take risks, make mistakes, and discover their unique sound.

Let's WorkTogether

I offer customized, 1:1 Private Instruction tailored to your specific needs. 

Lessons are offered currently offered Virtually via ZOOM.  

Private Virtual Voice INstruction

During lessons we'll cover Breath Technique, Phonation, Intonation, Diction, Musicianship, Sight-Singing, Basic Piano Skills, Presentation, and Performance Strategies for life on and off the stage.  I specialize in classical and musical theater styles, and offer two fully-produced recitals during the academic year. 

Voice Lessons are for students ages 12+ 

*Adults Welcome*

2020 Individual Lesson Rates

$45 - 30 min

$70 - 45 min 

$90 - 60 min 

What Students are Saying


Not only has Lydia helped me find my singing voice, but she has also helped me find my own voice in life.  She takes everything that she teaches in her lesson and applies it to how it can enhance my life in general: singing breaths turn into calming meditations; proper singing posture turns into a confident first impression; and exploring emotions in the music turns into being open about my own emotions in everyday life.  I am lucky enough to have trained with a voice teacher who has added value to my life, regardless of whether I become a professional singer in the future. Lydia has helped me become so much more confident and courageous and taught me to embrace my authentic voice (singing or otherwise) and use it to change the world-- for all this, I cannot thank her enough."

Devin H.


She not only is extremely knowledgeable about singing, vocal technique, music theory, and everything else that is required of a terrific voice teacher, but she is also a thoughtful, caring person.  I believe I have grown tremendously as a singer, performer, and person after taking lessons with Lydia because everything she has taught me can be applied to all areas of my life!”

Alaina V.

Lydia has not only been an amazing teacher, but a mentor.  She understands the pressures of high school, and has helped me manage it all and become less of a perfectionist.  She also shown me several breathing exercises to use when I'm feeling anxious.  None of this was included in a the job description, but this shows the kind of person that she is, and I can't thank her enough.

Keeley F. 


I’m very lucky to have Lydia by my side in the college journey and in all other aspects. I have grown so much regarding my musical ability, and I have gotten so much more passionate for music/arts (specifically, musical theatre). I’m so happy to have her as my vocal coach and it pains me to realize that I’ll only have her for one more year.  I had no idea what my potential was until she began teaching me. I am so much more confident in everything I do, and I can’t wait to have her again next year!

Mariela D.

I used to struggle projecting my voice fully, correctly pronouncing consonants, and conveying my emotions. Lydia has taught me vocal technique through exercises while encouraging me to learn from mistakes.  She has helped me to become a better singer and a better person with a positive growth mindset. I love how she teaches me to express the emotions in songs beyond the notes and to connect with the music itself.

Isabelle C. 

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